Agenda 19-29 September 2017

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What will the future of the detergents industry look like?

From 19-29th September 2017, ITMGroup is organizing a unique event in Kampen (The Netherlands). During Detergents of the Future we take you to the future of the detergents industry. How does the next generation of liquid pouches look like? And what new, revolutionary product, will we show the market?

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What to expect?

Those who join us at the event will go home with new solutions, with new inspiration, with interesting information and you have met a lot of industry experts.

A look behind the scenes

“ITMGroup is one of the largest machine manufacturers in the world. We do everything to make sure projects from our customers succeed. Our machines are not only more compact than the competition, they are also safer. Only our machines are equipped with enzyme extraction. They even fall silent when there is no ventilation.”

Arie Bood, managing director EME-Engel

Strong player in the detergents industry

“We are one of the world strongest players in our industry. Innovation is our daily aim and we come up with solutions where others do not. Not only our machines are a success, but also the products made by our machines. We have a unique partnership with our customers. Some even trust us to help design their products.”

 Arie Bood, managing director EME-Engel

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